Volt for Drive is a quantum leap to the new level of business management.

business analysis

Business analysis module open wide possibilities for evaluation of statistics received from the operation of user support service, operations and service management as well as directly from drivers.

Besides financial readings analysis, the system provides the visuals on:

  • EV charging stations activity level (availability of the stations, utilization prognosis, etc.),
  • service provider activity level,
  • call center and technical support service activity level,
  • customers (their service satisfaction level, routes, marketing campaigns efficiency),
  • extra advice on facility development.


individual design

B2B interface design is done according to the corporate identity standards to meet the requirements of your company. Private cloud owners are able to modify B2C interface in accordance with the brand book.

Personal approach

System customization upon client’s request might be done both in design and in the choice of the technologies used and possibilities of integration with other programmes.

Tech support and service provider seamlessly blend into the system.


Management over the facilities and service provider activity: fast and realtime

Flexible plans and campaigns management system: use the marketing campaigns that are built in or create your own

User-friendly common interface

Interactive maps: users can choose between Google and Yandex

Modern billing solutions

warranty of assistance

Assistance warranty will ensure your confidence in the initial period of your work and help find prompt solutions to your problems as soon as they arise. Later you will be able to get the help of user service as a part of individual assistance (through the common interface of the platform).

Full-scale usage of all the system’s capabilities gives the facility owners undeniable competitive gain.


Yearly subscription for an equipment item is 160 €

Online monitoring and management of EV Charging stations equipment

Payment acceptance and processing

Statistics and records

Driver’s mobile app (iOS, Android)

Tech support

Yearly subscription for an equipment item is 200 €

Online monitoring and EV charging stations equipment management

Online monitoring and service provider management

Acceptance and processing of payments

Statistics and reports

Tariff and zone administration

Driver’s mobile app (iOS, Android)

Developer’s mobile app (Android)

Tech support

Call center

Yearly subscription for an equipment item is 230 €

Online monitoring over the equipment and the service provider

Acceptance and processing of payments

Statistics and reports, tariff and zone administration

Sales promotion management

Analytics and development planning

Mobile apps for drivers (iOS, Android), developers (Android) and owners (iOS)

Tech support

Call center

Individual design and assistance

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