User-friendly system for the comprehensive day-to-day control over EV charging facilities’ functioning process.


To manage the real conditions of the facility, our operators use manual and computer aided online instruments for WEB and Android. 

The system allows to control the efficiency of call centers and tech support service:

  • Communicating via phone and online
  • Possibility to use a configuration tool for scripted replies
  • Possibility to use request exchange market and knowledge database
  • Possibility to group equipment and teams
  • Possibility to use maps and navigation tools

Manual and computer aided algorithms allow operators to manage the system in the most effective way:

Tariff plans and campaigns management suggests creation and alteration of marketing campaigns as well as flexible setting system of B2C and B2B tariffs.

  • Online monitoring and management
  • Manual and computer aided management over events and service providers
  • Available statistics of managerial efficiency
  • Unassisted addition and removal of EV charging stations 

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